Balls of Neon


-Balls Of Neon-

is an Xtreme Arcade game where 2 players fight each other by

picking up and shooting balls to eachother.

Hitting the other player results in more place to move around.

(the middle border/line will move towards the person who is hit)

When one of the players has too little space left, he will lose.


is a game made during a 3 days Gamejam organized by Howest (Belgium). It won third place.

The game was entirly made using Adobe Photoshop, Unity Engine and Hexels.


The team:

Sander Gorduyn : programmer

Sam Hambrouck : programmer

Nikola Invernizzi : programmer

Thomas Ghekiere : Artist

Tom Delboo (me) : Artist and BG-scripting


Apart from the art I also did the script for

the moving and pulsing backgrounds.


Copyright © All Rights Reserved by Tom Delboo