Holy Shit


-Holy Shit-

Holy Shit is a game for ten players, with ten mices connected to a single computer. Nine players embody a food character,

while the tenth plays a little poop trying to hug and contaminate the others. Rot each other, both on the screen and on the table,

until only one remains… fresh !


The Game was made during the ArtGameWeekend, wich is a gamejam

in France where you have 2 days to make a small game.




Made with: Tom Victor, Delphine Fourneau, Lucie Viatgé, Célia Gironnet PierreC and myself




InGame-Screenshots + painting Delphine Fourneau



These are the models with UVs I made for this project. Most Textures from these were done by Delphine Fourneau

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