-Nerdy Mc Nerdnerd's Nerdy Adevntures-

The goal of the game is survival. The player starts out next to a big computer core and has to protect this core as long as possible. The level starts incredibly small but every few seconds, an extra level block containing an enemy latches onto the level, expanding the level and releasing an enemy that heads straight for the core.


The player has to fight off the enemies using bombs. At the start the player only has small bombs, however by killing enemies the player collects money he can use to buy new bombs. These bombs include landmines that only explodes when enemies get in range, freezing bombs that stop all enemies in their blast range for a few seconds and a remote bomb the player can detonate by clicking on it. If the player is in a pinch the core can be picked up and moved to another area.


The player and the core have a shield that protects them from a certain amount of damage, but this takes a few seconds to recharge. The player loses when the core is destroyed.


This game was created together with:

programmers :Sander Gorduyn and Matthias Van Cauteren

Artists: Tom Delboo


My main contributions for this project were:

all the art + coding HUD


software used:



Adobe photoshop


Down here you can find some of ingame screens:

Nerdy Mc Nerdnerd's Nerdy Adevntures

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